July 27, 2011

Joining Chop Frame

Our chop service provides you with the easy way to purchase picture frame mouldings.
  • Lengths of picture framing are pre-cut to sizes of your choice.
  • Mitres are routed to accept thumbnail wedges, then slotted at the mitre so you can join your frame with a special wedge which is provided.
  • The chopped frame is then dispatched to you.
For more information visit: fixaframe.com.au

July 14, 2011

Valiani Libra CMC | Video

Even better than expected the Valiani Libra CMC Mat Cutter came alive yesterday at Fix-a-Frame.

The guys have decided that the Libra Mat Cutter is a male so they've named him "Vincent"
Please welcome our newest team member Vincent Valiani. Vincent is of Italian Heritage and the latest in a string of award winning innovations from the Valiani Matcutting stable. He cuts at an impressive 1.4m per second so an improvement of over a metre per second on our old mat cutter.

The capabilities of the Libra cutter will propel the business of mat cutting forward and enable us to offer you a wider and greater range of mat cutting services.

Please watch our video to see him come alive....and keep checking back to see how he settles into his new mat cutting role at Fix-a-Frame "the home of great framing" Mount Gravatt, Brisbane.

New Valiani Libra CMC

Wow, it was only two weeks ago that I previewed the new Valiani Libra CMC matcutter at the Framing & Image Show at Darling Harbour. There were many fantastic innovations both within the framing show and the PMA show at the Exhibition Centre.

Fix-a-Frame was fortunate enough to secure the first Libra Cutter made by the Italian leader in CMC development, Valiani.

Nico Valiani was in attendance at the show and despite wanting to keep the new machine a secret until the Las Vegas show in 2012 he brought his family's new baby the Libra mat Cutter to Australia. We were also able to see Valiani's new vacuum table matcutter. The vacuum machine was superb with great build and an oversize cutting table.

The Libra wowed me from the start with its superb build quality and the blistering speed at which it cuts mats. I was always in the market for a two headed or multi-headed mat cutter after running a single headed machine since 1999.

Tomorrow, the 12th July 2011, the Libra arrives at Fix-a-Frame.
All the staff have been on edge awaiting the upgrade that will transform Fix-a-Frame's cutting capabilities. With two station capability where we can program two mats at once dividing the machine in two will speed production. Importing plot files from Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator will allow our graphic artists to design mats never before seen within the framing industry.

Only one sleep to go.

Posting some more videos of the Libra machine in action soon.

Stay tuned.

June 15, 2011

Crescent Matboard Catalogue

Fix-a-Frame the 1st one to receive the new Crescent Matboard Catalogue 2011-2012.
Amazing new colours to enhance your picture.

April 24, 2011

Welcome our new team Member FJ Cruiser

Back in January Fix-a-Frame ordered a new 2011 FJ Cruiser from Toyota. The vehicle was due to be released in Australia on 31st March with Toyota keeping the specifications under wraps until the release date.

You know when your birthday is coming or Christmas is just around the corner...just like when you were a kid....well...my excitement level was at fever pitch awaiting the arrival of our new vehicle.

I had been checking the US FJ Cruiser websites and blogs for any information about Toyota's update of the original FJ 40. Was there going to be a diesel? What about diff locks? Would there be a trail teams version available? The list went on.

Inspired by all the fantastic modifications that US Cruiser owners had done to their vehicles I started to research the modifications that I thought would help me achieve one of my dreams. Visiting the remote parts of Australia and their indigenous inhabitants. I already has a connection to aboriginal culture through my boomerang throwing exploits but now I wanted to explore their artwork and the roots and inspiration behind it.

The plans to stage an art tour and exhibition began to be formulated in my mind. I envisioned an old masters meets new masters collaboration that could eventually be cloud funded and exhibited around Australia.

The FJ Cruiser is the first step in formulating this exhibition.

After the earthquake and tsunami in Japan I was very anxious as to when our vehicle would arrive but on the 6th April I finally got the call to say "your FJ is waiting for you".

Over the coming months see how the modifications to our vehicle take shape and check back to see how we are going.    

March 17, 2011

Newsletter Number 3 released

Our renewed newsletter "Framingo" number 3 was released on the 17th March 2011.

Please visit www.fixaframe.com.au to download it or to subscribe.